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  • Mr.Gaikwad P.N.(I/C H.O.D)

  • Mr.Babar M.S.(Lecturer)
    Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed.

  • Ms.Jamdar R.P.(Lecturer)
    Qualification: M.Sc.(App)

  • Ms.Shirsath D. L.(Lecturer)
    Qualification: M.Sc.(Phy.)

  • Mr.Alekar S.B.(Lecturer)
    Qualification: M.A.B.Ed.

Welcome to Applied Science Department

         Soniya Gandhi Polytechnic, Shrigonda,Applied Science Department is performing the key role in developing the students basic engineering needs on which their whole Engg. is depend. The Department installs in each student a sound understanding of the fundamental of Science such as Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics and English .