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  • dapu

    Hon. Shri.Shivajirao(Bapu) Nagawade

    President,Maharashtra State Sugar Carporation
    Founder,S.S.S.N.N. Sugar Factory,Shrigonda
  • dada

    Hon. Shri Rajendra(Dada) Nagawade

    Chairman,S.S.S.N.N. Sugar Factory,Shrigonda
    President,Tuljabhavani Seva Pratisthan(TSP)
  • vahini

    Hon. Mrs.Anuradhatai Nagawade

    President,Local Management Committee,SGP

Dear all,

         It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to Soniya Gandhi Polytechnic run by Tuljabhavani Seva Pratisthan’s trust. Our trust has been contributing in the mission of transforming rural India into developed nation by providing standard education.
         Our polytechnic established in 2009, has alumni of around 600 students and based upon knowledge gained at our institute are serving for various prestigious industries. We feel proud to provide quality education by equipping our students with an all-rounder development. Creating better human beings is our motto of we do that by molding our students to be good human being with values which are embedded for life .The main aim of the institution is to empower students with sound knowledge ,wisdom, experience and training both at the academic level of engineering and in the highly competitive global industrial market. The infrastructure facilities and state of the art equipment’s combined with a number of highly qualified, competent, talented and dedicated faculty contribute to an enjoyable and easy learning experience.
         We wish the best for all our students and members of the institution who aim at providing the best in academic and extracurricular fields. We believe that success will follow where there exists firm determination, hard work and discipline. You are assured that you will be proud of yourself as a confident and successful technically sound Diploma Engineer after three years. Once again we wish all our students and faculty for their successful and recording career.

Prof. Amol B. Nagawade