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  • Mr.Bhoskar N.G.(I/C H.O.D.)
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC, M.Tech(App)

  • Mr.Shinde V.L.(Lecturer)
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC, M.Tech()

  • Mr.Ugale K.P.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC

  • Mr.Bavdhankar P.B.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC ,M.Tech(App)

  • Ms.Darekar D.U.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC ,M.Tech(App)

  • Mr.Kature P.O.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. E&TC

  • Ms.Kadampatil V.S.(Tech. Assist.))

Welcome to Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department

         Soniya Gandhi Polytechnic, Shrigonda, The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering was established in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students per year. The Electronics and Communication Department will impart technical education to students to communicate with the best standard of the world. The department will enable the students to realize their greatest potential in terms of their contribution for the betterment of the individual, society, nation and the world as a whole.


The Department of E&TC Engineering will become Centre of World class Excellence in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. The vision of department to produce Creative Engineers those who can address the global challenges & excel at an International level


Establish a unique learning Environment to enable the students to face the challenges of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering field.

Promote the establishment of Centre of Excellence in New technology area to nature the spirit of innovations & creativity among faculties & Students.

Provide ethical & value based education by promoting activities addressing the social needs.

Enable the students to devolve skills to solve the complex technological problems of current times & provide multidisciplinary activities