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  • Ms.Dhigade U.A.(I/C H.O.D.)
    Quali.: B.E. Elect.

  • Mr.Babar P.R.(Lecturer)
    Quali.:B.E. Elect.

  • Mr.Nikam S.S.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. Elect.

  • Mr.Tarte V.B.(Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. Elect.

  • Miss.Choramale R.V. (Lecturer))
    Quali.:B.E. Elect.

Welcome to Electrical Engineering Department

         Soniya Gandhi Polytechnic, Shrigonda,As this erea marks rapidly developing technologies, it is highly essential that the students should be aware of the developments in the fields of Power, Modern Power Electronics, Control of Power System and Measurements of Power Parameters, business in a state of flux, speed of thought and competitiveness are the criteria, which separates the best from the rest. The department of Electrical Engineering is well equipped with better infrastructure which are also regularly upgraded which add to the strength of our team with their strength in top gears.. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering started functioning in the year 2009 with intake of 60 students.


The vision of Electrical Engineering Department is to meet the need of global industry and to develop them into skillful engineers instilled with human values and professional ethics.


M1: Follow the evolution of our discipline boundaries and reflect them in our offered curriculum.

M2: To impart strong fundamental and applied knowledge in the electrical diploma discipline.

M3: Students training, support our students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

M4: Provide our students with an understanding of the continuously increasing contributions of the electrical engineering discipline to society.

M5: To provide high-quality education to our students.